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Here is your portal to entertaining books that allow you to escape into virtual worlds that you will share with heroes and quirky or interesting characters. Here you can lose track of time and relax from the pressures of everyday life.  Leave your worries, concerns, and real life behind while you become involved in great adventures, heroic feats, romance, different times, and different worlds. Enjoy it all ! Some are even free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

The new eBooks you will find here are your portals from the hum drum of every day life into an entertaining world of imagination.    Among the several dozen novels Michael has published are romance, western, thrillers, historical fiction, adventure, action, fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary drama. There is something for many. Please keep visiting to view New Books for 2018 by Michael O’Gara as they are released.



Michael O’Gara lives in the heartland of America. He attended university in St. Louis where he earned MFA and MBA degrees. 
Michael sees himself as a story teller.  To quote him, “My imagination seems to be a never ending cycle of potential stories and my mind is continually coming up with interesting scenarios.  I don’t worry about having writer’s block but imagination overload.  Isn’t it wonderful?” 
Michael’s books have sold in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  If you are counting, that’s five of seven continents.  Please continue to watch here for New Books by Michael O’Gara.