About these Thriller Novels

About Ambassador Death

An evil axis of drug lords and terrorists has Mexico in a state of civil war. Newly elected U.S. President Crossing is sending a well known former spy into the heart of the conflict to reestablish diplomatic contact with the Mexican government. He knows this will make his choice as special envoy a high profile target for terrorists, insurgents, and drug lords, all of whom would sabotage her vital mission to keep a continent at peace.
It is an assignment that will require the balance of a tight rope walker, the skills of a spymaster, the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of a hero, and unusual diplomacy. It is a unique challenge for an unusual woman who is qualified to go into danger by reason of her training, likely to fit in due to her heritage, and likely to gain access because of her family ties.

About Sinister Intent

Assistant District Attorney Vince Jerome is at the top of his game. It’s a game which is about to change. He is assigned to a case which seems relatively routine. It is not and sets in motion events that will push him into a dangerous life he thought he’d left behind, a life where terrorists, assassination, bombs, and weapons of mass destruction are real threats. The safety of his country, friends, and family are threatened as events spiral out of control. By the time Vince has figured out the extent of the danger, the clock is ticking down and time is short.

Vince has no choice but to turn to contacts from his past. Vince will end up being the one that will have to solve the mystery and put an end to the threat or more people will die, a lot more. The perpetrators will regret the day they crossed paths with Vince because he isn’t just a lawyer. He is a very deadly opponent and the sleeping dragon is awake.

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